SailorsMap - Frequently Asked Questions

How does SailorsMap get the localized Nautical Information?
We get this information via Google Places Search. In detail this means that we do a search for several phrases (e.g. if we search for the next marinas, we do a Google Places Search for "Marina, Boat Yard, Yacht Club") and show the results in Google Maps with a proper icon. If you click on the icon, details are displayed. A similar search is done for several other phrases to get results for Hospitals, Restaurants and so on. If you move the map to a new location, new searches are done to get the nearest results for your new location.

How accurate is the localized Nautical Information?
Since we get this information via Google Places Seach, the displayed information is of course just as accurate as the Google Places Search. This can be very good or very poor. Google has huge knowledge of localized information all around the world and mostly returns quality results. However, a search for "Marina, Boat Yard, Yacht Club" also might return the "Pizzeria Marina" right around the corner but the next "real" marina might be missing because it is unknown to Google...
So you have to keep in mind that this is no "manually investigated" nautical information, it's just Google results, with all the pros and cons.

What about "localized"?
When you enter SailorsMap and switch on location awareness, the map is automatically positioned at your current position. When you move, the map moves with you and your position stays in the map center just like in a chartplotter. Additionally the Google Place Search is done localized to your actual position when you move, so you always get answers to "Where am i?" and "Where is the nearest ...?".

How does SailorsMap get my actual location?
We get your actual location via "Location-Aware Browsing". Depending on your device, GPS or your IP-Address is used. So if you access SailorsMap via SmartPhone or Tablet, the internal GPS is used and your position is very accurate. Of course this only works if you consent via the browser popup that appears when you access SailorsMap. See details about location aware browsing here.

Can I export the localized Nautical Information?
Yes, you can download all the POIs you see as GPX Waypoints for usage in your Chartplotter or Navigation Software. Just activate the "POI Cache" in the Settings, collect all POIs you need by moving the map and click the "Export POIs as GPX data" button in the Settings.

Credits & Terms of use
All map data and search results are provided by Google Maps/Google Earth and Google Maps/Google Earth APIs.
All map icons are downloaded from the Map Icons Collection. We thank Nicolas Mollet for this great service.
SailorsMap is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY SA 3.0).

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