Anchorages Data from Readers of this Site as of 19th February 2016.

Licensed Anchorages Data from MPPI Concession List as of 26th May 2014.

Detailed informations are available in my blog, see Anchorages in Croatia Blog.

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Anchorage Colors

Red ... offical Anchorage according to Concession List & Info from Ministry

Orange ... offical Anchorage according to Concession List from Ministry

Yellow ... inofficial Anchorage according to readers of this Site

area filled ... Anchorage in use, Buoys or Moorings available

area transparent ... Anchorage currently out of service, no Buoys or Moorings

Add Anchorage

To save new Anchorages, proceed as follows:

1. Click the "Add Anchorage" button

2. Select circle or polygon in the appearing DrawingTool

3. Draw Anchorage Area

4. Add information and click on "Save" button

The saved Anchorage will be released after verification (done within 7 days)